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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. breaking news. detectives are now declaring a homicide investigation at a local college after a woman is
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stabbed to death in her residence hall. also tonight, amazing images of a tornado in ocean city. we'll update injuries and the damage. plus what would you pay to be a part of history? the new fillmore opens to a pricey party for taxpayers. this is 9news now. and we've got late breaking news for you out of bowie maryland where a college student was found stabbed to death inside a dorm. >> that's right. right now police are looking for the killer, locking down the crime scene. our ken molestina spoke with the victim's roommate and joins us live. >> reporter: yes, derek and anita, that roommate was way too distraught to talk to us on camera but off camera she did confirm to me that the victim is, in fact, her roommate. she says she was a sophomore here. let me get out and set this scene up for you. maryland state police troopers have arrived here about 30 minutes ago. we're being told they are now the lead agency investigating this homicide. take a look just down the block
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here around the dorm room. the residential center where this all took place on the second floor. pg county police is also still on scene as well as campus police. let's show you video what it looked like. sky9 was able to capture these images just as campus police and pg county cops locked down the dorm in session. a comedy show was taking place and not many students were at the dorm when the stabbing happened. now, the students walked back to their dorm. this is what they saw. police tape blocking off the area as well as homicide detectives standing guard. concerns started to swirl after a campus-wide text alert was sent warning students of the situation and asking them to keep an eye out for someone who may have run out of the second floor of this dorm building. take a listen to what she said. >> when i came out of the room, they were yelling and they saw a body and some blood. and unfortunately, they said it looked severe. >> i want to go home.
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it's so scary here. people getting stabbed and dying. it's wild. >> reporter: all right. back out live now . another look outside of the dorm room. police still have the area blocked off. students not being allowed to go back inside their dorm. again, this is a very active crime scene. and as of last check, no arrests have been made. i was told by a detective here that the suspect or suspects, whoever is responsible for this, is still at large. this is still a very active crime scene. we're going to stay on top of things for you. we'll bring you the latest as we get it. back to you guys. >> thank you, ken. the army is supposing an eight-year plan for cleaning up ground water contamination at fort detrick. the plan lays out steps for investigating and if necessary remediating pollution. the suspected source of the pollution is an undeveloped part of the area b. the army dumped waste in trenches there. families have filed allegations.
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now, to a springfield neighborhood where a disgusting crime has led to a shocking arrest. >> a teenager has been charged with abducting a 5-year-old girl who lives just doors away. matt jablow has the details. >> reporter: everything about this story is it disturbing from the heinous crime itself to the profile of the young man arrested earlier today. three weeks after a 5-year-old girl was ripped from her bed while sleeping at night and taken and sexually assaulted. >> sexual assault tends to be rape to a lot of people. that is not what happened. it was an assault of a sexual nature. >> reporter: they have arrested the person responsible. a 16-year-old boy whose name is not being released because he's a juvenile. neighbors say the suspect lives just a few houses away from his alleged victim. >> we want him to stay behind
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the bars. >> reporter: the attack on the 5-year-old was not a random act of violence. >> it is fair to say that this was not a random attack >> reporter: instead, the 16-year-old climbed through his victim's front window and then went upstairs where he abducted the 5-year-old girl from her bedroom. >> he got like not abused but not -- not bad abused but she got like hurt. >> reporter: police also say this was not the first time the 16-year-old had been arrested. back on august 31st, four days after allegedly assaulting the 5-year-old girl, the suspect was arrested for burglarizing another home in springfield. he was in custody on that charge when arrested for the assault on the 5-year-old. neighbors here say they're hoping the suspect remains in custody for a long time. >> whatever he did to an innocent girl. he has to get adjusted. >> i think this crime shows a casual disregard for the best in humans. >> reporter: the 16-year-old suspect is now being held without bond at the fairfax
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county juvenile detention center. derek. >> matt jablow, thank you. imagine you're looking at this monster and it's coming your way. well, this is what some people in ocean city saw this afternoon. the tornado. it started as a water spout out over the bay and then it rolled ashore right near 75th street. we've gotten some reports the twister did some minor damage, broke some car windows, tore of shingles, thankfully no injuries have been reported. top. >> yes, that actually occurred about 3:30 to 3:45 and it is very fortunate no injuries. i tell you what, it has changed seasons. let me start with temperatures. in the 50s and 40s in the metro area. 56 downtown but 48 in gaithersburg, 48 in frederick. let's jump the divide. it's 39 in oakland, maryland. remember, we were 87 just yesterday. so overnight clear and much cooler. even chilly. a reminder now, this time of year to get your furnace checked before it gets cold and stays cold. lows 44-55. winds out of the northwest at
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ten. the winds have died down. for your wakeup weather, 46-56 to start. 44-54 by 7:00 and only in the 50s by 9:00. a chilly start. skweters definitely -- sweaters definitely it needed. we'll tell you about the forecast for the terps and redskins game. >> all right. virginia is now following the lead of south carolina, texas and kansas putting strict new regulations on abortion clinics. today the virginia board of health voted for the new rules that will regulate clinics, much like hospitals. they will now have to have five foot wide hallways, covered entrances. supporters of the new rules say they are safeguarding women's health but it's a back doorway to shut down many of the state's abortion clinics because they do not have these amenities. only on 9, a controversy brewing tonight over a new proposal to put surveillance cameras in all high school cafeterias and common areas. this comes after a couple of huge fights broke out last year
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like this one. principals believe cameras would prevent chaos like this from breaking out and even other bad behavior, including bullying. but not everybody is on board. >> if you want safe schools, you prevent things from occurring. this speaks to punish kids after the fact, and there is no data that says it will deter. there is no data that says that it will keep students safer. >> i don't have any security in the building after 3:00 and the building is open for adults. what goes on during those hours, i think cameras will provide additional security. >> the school board is going to make the final decision on this, but not before the election in november which may bring in several new board members. now, a question for folks in montgomery county. it's just past 11:00. do you know where your kids are? they would have to be off the kids if the county adopts a curfew they're now thinking about getting into. off the streets by 11:00 on week
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nights. by midnight on weekends. they spent hours going over the pros and cons. others say it doesn't really address the underlying issues. >> i'm definitely making excuses for the kids, but at the same time it's hard to find something productive to do late at night when you're with your friends and you're bored. >> the county council also plans to take a closer look at whether an all out curfew is really what they need. one alternative, tweaking the current laws on loitering. montgomery county says tonight they have the vote to get the curfew passed. that's what he told 9news now at the controversial opening of the concert hall. >> opponents of big public spending on the project and was there to celebrate the victory. gary nurenberg joins us live with the opening. gary. >> reporter: well, anita, we learned tonight when they krissen a new film, it's not
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like smashing a bottle of champagne across the bouing of a ship. -- bou of a ship. opening act mary jay blige. some fans waited in line for hours. >> we're really excited. >> reporter: all of those people, the whole idea. >> many of those people are coming here for the very first time in the spring. they will stop at restaurants. >> reporter: he could be describing brian far who was first in line. how often do you come to silver springs? >> not that often. i only came by today because i'm a huge fan. >> reporter: area businesses are optimistic. >> to have something come in and bring 2,000 people basically four nights a week is a good thing economically. >> reporter: it's part of a
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silver spring revitalization effort. the fillmore has more than 11 million taxpayer dollars spent when a lawsuit couldn't stop it. why is this worth $11 million of taxpayer funds? >> if you look at the due diligence on this project, we will get back essentially all of our investment in a couple years. the state will get its investment back in probably about 18 months. and it will produce a great deal of tax dollars for montgomery county maryland. >> reporter: that is the projection and the hope. tickets $89. vip package 180. some fans enjoyed the show very much but thought it was so short. the tickets said 7:00 but the singing didn't start until 9:00. all shows are supposed to end in time to catch the metro. it is now officially open. still ahead tonight, two shoppers and a razor thin close call as a bike shop becomes an auto showroom. and you've seen the rescue. now the biker underneath the
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burning car has something to say. that's coming up.
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one week ago, president obama went to congress to lay out a new plan to create new jobs and boost economy. tonight one week later, you can forget all of that warm fuzzy stuff. here is house speaker john boehner. >> let's be honest with ourselves. the president's proposals are a poor substitute for the pro growth policies that are needed to remove barriers to job creation in america. >> so how should those barriers be removed? by cutting taxes, boehner says. he wants the same congressional
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supercommittee that is trying to reduce the debt. he says get rid of hundreds of deductions and special interest loop holes, then lower tax rates. not just for individuals but on businesses. that, he says, will generate the new jobs we need. jobs, jobs, jobs. that is what everybody is worried about and talking about right now. but what if we ever can't bring all of those jobs back. derek says it may just be some time for some new ideas. >> maybe even a new paradigm, anita. a couple of weeks ago i told everybody about dr. jim hunting ton and his book which he argues that 10% unemployment or worse is the new normal. because we've gotten so efficient we no longer need everyone to make enough stuff for everyone. well, now another forward thinker is taking all of this a step further. media theorist and author dr. douglas rushkuff writes we want all the food, shelter and everything money buys us, but do
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we really want jobs. our jobs obsolete. in a world where for the first time maybe ever we've got plenty of stuff. the only thing we don't have is a new way for people to prove they deserve to get some of it. in other words, if there aren't ever going to be enough jobs for everybody, how do we organize society around something else? i know what you're thinking. what is that guy? some kind of social list? no, i don't think so. but let's be real. he is asking some tough questions about a system that is no longer providing us with the answers or the jobs we want. a dramatic scene you can't turn away from. a group of people hoisting up a car in order to save the motorcyclist underneath. tonight he is talking about the life changing or deal. brandon wright was trying to avoid hitting the car where he laid down his bike and trapped underneath. he was screaming, throwing up, unaware of the rescue above him. >> i should have died when i hit
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the pavement. i should have died when i hit the car. i should have died when the car burst into flames. but i didn't for some reason. and it just makes life that much more precious to me. i just wanted to thank all of the heroes that put their life on the line to save mine. >> good luck. thanks a lot. >> so wright only suffered some broken bones, burns and what he calls a pretty gnarly road rash. he says since he can never pay back the people that saved his life, he wants to volunteer to help others in need. a near death experience is also caught on tape in california. take a look at this one. it's a cadillac deville and it comes plowing through the front window of a bike shop. just barely missed two folks. the car going nearly 30 miles an hour as it careens all the way through the store. what a close one. there was an 85-year-old woman at the wheel. she tried to park, but you know what happened.
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she hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. you've been looking at a tornado through the night. >> yes. at 3:30 if the evening and run of the mill showers. temps are almost 25 degrees since 11:00 am. >> you can feel it. >> that is fall, though. fall is not quite here until next week. let's start with the temp. 56 downtown. that's a low so far today. 53 in bethesda. 46 in gaithersburg. 48 out in laytonsville. only 51 in reston. only 54 in college park and 51 up in laurel. so temperatures a little bit on the chilly side. no doubt about that. so here are the headlines. it's going to be a chilly start. the kids will need a sweater. you'll need a sweater too. i don't think the kids will fight you on this. now, some clouds return friday afternoon. it stays dry, but it's going to get mostly cloudy by late friday. weekend still looks cool. a couple showers possible here and there, especially during the
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maryland game. not a washout. not a big deal. we just want you to be aware of it if you're going to the terps game or tailgating or doing both. all right. here is a look at the future cast. 6:00 in the morning, nothing on the map. that's good. no clouds. no rain. we'll put this into motion. and by noon we see some high clouds over parts ever the metro area and some mid-level clouds back to the south and the west. as we advance the map until tomorrow evening, we see a lot of clouds. again, no green so no rain. but just a lot of clouds. so be advised it's going to get cloudy late tomorrow and tomorrow evening and even into tomorrow night. they'll thin out a little bit and come back on saturday. this is about 11:00 on saturday morning. a little bit before kickoff time at the terps game. and a lot of clouds and maybe just slight chance of a sprinkle falling out of the clouds on saturday. right now the change in the forecast is to introduce some light rain saturday night. all right. overnight clear and much colder. chilly. lows 44-54. and winds out of the northwest at about 5-10. now, tomorrow morning mostly
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sunny with a chilly start. sweater is a good idea. wins northwest at ten. and -- winds northwest at ten. the clouds come in in the afternoon. partly sunny. today our high was technically 78. some increase in clouds. i think most folks will hold in the 60s tomorrow. maybe a touch of 70 in springfield before the clouds run in. but 69 in arlington, 67 in fairfax and reston and 68 over in bowie. forecast then for the zones, well, out across the divide only 52 in oakland. here are the 30s already. 60 in cumberland. clouds on the increase everywhere. 70 in culpeper if you're lucky. most folks holding in the 60s. 68 downtown. 67 in gaithersburg. 66 in frederick and 70 in annapolis. one of the warmer areas. so it stays cloudy on saturday. a little light rain saturday night. sunday we still left it mostly cloudy, but dry for the redskins
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game. low 70s. 76 on monday and then warmer next week. in fact, we'll be back in the low 80s as we get into wednesday and thursday of next week. >> okay. thanks. we've been having a lot of fun joking about the terps uniform. now the fun apparently is over. >> the fun is over. when randy epsel came, he said he's not going to put into it. maryland in the news again. find out what two players aren't going to be dressed. plus dan snyder talks about dropping the lawsuit. that coming up in sports.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> coming up a win over miami
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and a buy week. the maryland terrapins turn their focus to saturday's matchup against 18th rank west virginia. but they're going to have to knock them off without two of their top receivers. the terrapins have suspended rodney tyler and clinton mcgee. tyler was charged today with second degree assault. no specifics on why mcgee was suspended. coach randy epsel released the statement. the expectation of our program is for our student athletes to conduct themselves in proper manner academically and socially. unfortunately they fell short of the expectations. a big blow for the terps trying to knock off west virginia. redskins owner dan snyder isn't usually one to shy away from the media, but today he really hadn't heard from him. it was announced last weekend right before the redskins season opener that he was finally dropping the suit but 9 sports
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reporter dave owens got a chance to go one-on-one with snyder this afternoon. and with no questions off limits, dave inquired about the elephant in the room. >> i think we said enough about it and we feel like i think we made our point. and now we're just focused on this sunday playing the arizona cardinals. >> that clears it all up, right? that event today was an unveiling of a new solar power initiative at fedex field. 8,000 solar panels were installed in the roof and parking lots which could have added some covered parking for fans during game days. back on the field laron land re was still limited. mike shanahan said today he's not really sure yet. it's too early to tell if landry will be able to start against arizona. no more motivated to beat arizona than tim hitower. he tweeted this photo of him and
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the offensive line man. maybe if they picked up the check, they might have a little more motivation to open up bigger holes for them. the nats facing the mets. tomorrow any malone making -- tommy malone making some good career choices. only allowed one run. and he was back by plenty of offense. ryan zimmerman with the rbi double in the 8th. nats win 10-1. four game sweep and malone gets his first mlb win. finally tonight, it's time to announce the winner of the game of the week. getting the most votes is stonewall jackson at osborne park. highlights of course lead our coverage tomorrow night. remember, you can always cast your vote at >> thank you, kristen. >> friday night football. we'll be right back.
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wow. that just flew by. that is our broadcast. >> that's right. thanks for staying up with us of don't forget you can always find us at good night. >> bye-bye.
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